BADGE - Performed by WHEELS OF FIRE 7-18-18

Another video clip from the Onset Summer Of Love Concert recorded 7-18-18 featuring the classic Cream song, BADGE,  co-written with George Harrison .  Enjoy !!  

Sunshine Of Your Love - performed by Wheels Of FIre

Another clip from the Onset Summer of Love concert recorded July 18 2018.  The song is one of Cream's biggest hits sung originally by the great Jack Bruce, here sung by Peter Ferraguto and Michael Paolucci with Tim Havens on bass guitar !! 

WHITE ROOM - Performed by Wheels Of Fire

Another clip from the Wheels Of FIre - Cream and Clapton Experience from the Onset Summer of Love Concert recorded 7-18-18.  

politician - Performed by WHEELS OF FIRE 7-18-18

True fact, this song was written by Jack Bruce minutes before Cream made a BBC  live broadcast in 1967 which they performed the song live.  It's a psychedelic blues tune we have fun with .

politician part 2

Tims Havens on bass guitar in this clip from the Summer OF Love Conert Onset Ma 7-18-18. Michael Paolucci on guitar and Peter Ferraguto on drums and vocals

Live in Studio: WHEELS OF FIRE-Cream and Clapton Experience

To view, click link and the password is wof all lowercase letters ...don't worry, it says "Sorry" but the link works, and the video is a must see for Cream fans! We had lots of fun producing our first live studio video a 14 Song one hour program showcasing  the amazing psychedelic and high-intensity music of CREAM and Eric Clapton.  Put this up on your giant smart TV and Crank It UP ! Performed by Peter Ferraguto vocals and drums, Michael Paolucci, guitars and vocals, and Conrad Mlynarski , bass

Listen now live !! Can't Find My Way Home - Wheels of FIre

This performance was recently recorded at the Summer of Love Concert Series in Onset Ma, 7-18-18 With Michael Paolucci and Steve Askew on guitars, Spencer Hargis on bass, RIck Weldon on keyboards, and Peter Ferraguto on drums and vocals. Our take on the Traffic classic originally with Eric Clapton on guitar, Ginger Baker on drums, and Steve Winwood on vocals